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Sep 12, 2018


September 2018

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IÉSEG Network career services at your doorstep!

Wishing to be closer to you and to better meet your needs, IÉSEG Network has decided to come and to meet you in your city providing you with services related to your personal and professional development. With this aim in mind, the IÉSEG Network Caravan, represented by Elizabeth Toucas, will begin its European tour by a first stop in Lyon, on October 3 to 4. It will then stop in London on November 21 - 22, Brussels on November 28 - 29 and finally Luxembourg City on December 10 - 11. During working hours, alumni will be able to benefit from face-to-face sessions in individual coaching and/or professional development counselling. The evening will be devoted to a personal development workshop entitled "Getting to know yourself better and developing your potential thanks to MBTI" which will be preceded by some quality time for socialising and networking in a friendly setting. The start of this school year is looking particularly interesting for the network!

More information about the caravan

Meet the students on our both campuses…

Innovation is the key word of this year! The department of Corporate Relations and IÉSEG Network launch the Networking Tuesdays. Organized in parallel with Corporate Talks, these new appointments will be an excellent opportunity for you to talk about your job and career to a few students.

Discover the program of the first semester

[PORTRAIT] Aude Geffroy (IÉSEG 2016) - A good deal at the right moment!

In hindsight, my experience at IÉSEG was quite classic. After 3 years of Bachelor in Lille, I went to study for a semester in Mexico. I had really enjoyed my marketing classes during my Bachelor, so I became naturally interested in pursuing a marketing specialty for my Master. I decided to do my final internship in marketing at Unilever, after which I was hired as a field sales representative. After two failed attempts, I had somehow lost confidence in my project and in my ability to be persuasive in interviews. A friend then reminded me about the help IÉSEG Network could provide and the usefulness of the workshops I could attend.

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[IÉSEG] Back to IÉSEG!

Launched last January, the Back to IÉSEG program is an excellent opportunity to offer each of you the opportunity to acquire new skills and broaden or update your knowledge.
Following on from the positive feedback of the 8 graduates who seized this opportunity, we are renewing the experience this semester. From Marketing to Finance and including Negotiation, there's certainly an interesting subject for you!

Discover video testimonies from alumni who did it

[CAREER] How to improve your employability?

Globalization has made the economy more competitive and has increased the pace of change, thus significantly affecting the working world. Professional technical skills are no longer sufficient for career advancement, the security and linearity of career paths are no longer appropriate and today's trades will no longer be the professions of tomorrow. These upheavals now require us to become more flexible in order to adapt the new realities and opportunities of the ever-changing market. The notion of employability emerged from this context.


[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] BringYouBeers – The first French craft and independent brewers’ incubator

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." We have all heard this phrase, repeatedly over the years. Each of us are free to appropriate the concept as we wish. We decided to take it literally, and tackle a sector as popular as it is confidential: the world of beer. Can you name one French craft beer brand? Two years ago, we couldn't. But today, over 1200 brewers are distributed throughout our territory. Thus was born BringYouBeers, the first incubator for French craft and independent brewers.

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[CLUB] IÉSEG Real Estate, city player: a new club is born!

A name which seems to have predestined them for the same passion: Guillaume Simon, Guillaume Motte and Guillaume Chavane (IÉSEG 2017) all share an interest for construction, architecture and urbanism. This is why they decided, this year, to launch a real estate club within IÉSEG Network with Thibault Nicolle-Malpas. A project inspired by the observation of a growing number of alumni working in this field. Real estate has persistently developed in recent years, attracting a growing number of students and recent graduates to meet the new challenges brought by the internationalization and digitalization of the profession. If you want to know more about this club, its launching event will take place on Friday, October 5, at 8:00 am : a tour of the "KOSMO" construction site, the future headquarters of Christian Dior Parfums in 2019.

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[GERE] Workshop 1: Discover yourself & overcome your fears - Paris




[CAREER] Have a better understanding of yourself and develop your potential with the MBTI - Paris




[REGIONAL CLUB] Afterwork - Lyon




[NETWORKING] Leroy Merlin's TechShop Workshop - Lille




[BIRTHDAY CLASS] 1998's class, the 1st world champions celebrate their 20th - Lille




[NETWORKING] Œnological blind test party - Paris


MARIN June 23, 2018 - Félicie DANEL (IÉSEG 2009) & Jean-Frédéric PETIT-NIVARD

GABRIELLE August 27, 2018 -  Claire DELABRE (IÉSEG 2007) & Olivier DELENCLOS (IÉSEG 2005)

Share with the network your wedding or a birth in your family and you will receive a gift!


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