6 minutes 40 seconds and that’s it!

I’m sure you’ve been subjected to endless PowerPoint presentations that made you switch off after the second slide rather than grabbing your attention ... Did you know you can win over your audience and make your point in just 6 minutes 40 seconds?

But then what is the secret? The secret to these succinct, successful presentations is the Pecha Kucha method, also known as the 20 x 20 technique. This creative, dynamic and original technique was invented by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, two architects living in Tokyo who were fed up with boring and unproductive meetings ... 

What is the Pecha Kucha method?

Pecha Kucha, which means "chatter" or “the sound of conversation" in Japanese, is a technique that became popular in the early 2000s which makes it possible to present an idea, a theme, a product, a service or a project in a very limited and precise timeframe: 6 minutes 40 seconds - and not a second more.

It combines a short oral presentation which must be synchronised with the projection of 20 images (or slides) which follow on one after another every 20 seconds.

It sounds simple, but it is a demanding technique which, if you master it and use it well, can be incredibly effective in saving time and making an impact on your audience. 

What are the principles of this method?

This method is based on 4 main pillars which determine the success of your presentation on your audience:

  • Concision: the choice of simple, precise, everyday words so as to be accessible to everyone, but especially your audience
  • Creativity: the thoughtful - in both design and in colour - choice of visuals (images, photos, drawings, etc.) to illustrate what you are saying
  • Dynamism: intelligently structured, with a careful progression (ex: storytelling), rhythm, clarity, positivity, all designed to give a striking effect
  • Fluidity: the slides scroll automatically every 20 seconds

Paying meticulous care to these 4 pillars will allow you to make more of an impact in the message you want to put across and in holding the attention of your audience. 

What can it be used for?

This method has so many uses and aims:

-    Presenting a company, its products and/or its services
-    Sharing an idea, a project, an invention, a report
-    Presenting a business project or a student project
-    Introducing yourself
-    Improving the ability to concentrate and reinforce your audience's listening skills from the start to the end of your presentations
-    Making an impact on your audience
-    Etc.

What are its advantages?

It’s a differentiating method and style of presentation in relation to traditional presentations (eg PowerPoint)

Due to its time and format constraints, this style of presentation teaches the speaker to:

-    focus on the important messages to be delivered
-    be concise
-    prepare well for presentations
-    develop creativity
-    improve speaking skills
-    etc. 

You might instinctively think that being give a free hand with no restrictions would encourage creativity, but sometimes it's quite the opposite: in fact, establishing a framework, with rules and clear constraints, can inspire a new approach and previously untried solutions you’ve never thought of before. The Pecha Kucha method seeks to bring out the positive effects of being concise in both content and form.

The growth of the Pecha Kucha phenomenon

Originally used as a style of presentation, Pecha Kucha quickly developed into a new mode of discussion and interaction. In fact, riding the wave of success of the

Pecha Kucha presentation style, its two founders launched the concept of “Pecha Kucha Nights”.

The idea is to create a free and open space to bring together all kinds of people of all nationalities who want to network, share their ideas or get some feedback, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Anyone is welcome on one condition: everyone must respect the Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 format.

To date, there are just over 1,150 cities in the world where “Pecha Kucha Nights” take place. 

Pecha Kucha & IÉSEG Network = The PK Learning Lunches!

The IÉSEG Network puts on a wide range of events for IÉSEG alumni, which are all opportunities to meet and further their careers (for example various career workshops, coaching, conferences, webinars, social events, etc.).

As part of individual coaching sessions or during workshops, I meet many alumni with innovative ideas to share, passions they want to pass on, projects to launch, knowledge to transmit, feedback to collect, etc.

How can we share this desire to pass on and receive knowledge and build a solid network with the IÉSEG community when we can’t go for a drink in a bar or a restaurant due to the current health situation restrictions?

This is the challenge that the IÉSEG Network Career Centre has set itself: to create new opportunities to pass on knowledge for its alumni as part of its career accelerator mission! 

This is one of the new initiatives for 2021.
⇨ setting up monthly meetings between IÉSEG alumni using the Pecha Kucha format, taking the inspiration from Pecha Kucha Nights to open new horizons and learn from one another!

These informal meetings, which are free to all alumni, have been christened the PK Learning Lunches, an abbreviation of the Pecha Kucha Learning Lunches

The only rules are:

  • to follow the Pecha Kucha style for presentations
  • to last one hour
  • to take place at lunchtime

As Executive Coach and Career Manager at IÉSEG Network, Elizabeth will be there with you in the role of facilitator.

Given the current Health situation  restrictions, the PK Learning Lunches will initially take place remotely but, for greater convenience, can be quickly re-organised in a face-to-face format as soon as possible.

Apart from learning about and experimenting with the Pecha Kucha concept, taking part in IÉSEG Network's PK Learning Lunches every month means you will be expanding your network, creating potential connections between graduates and working on both your speaking and listening skills, while having fun!!!

Are you convinced? If so, register now through the links below!

Pecha Kucha calendar - Q2 2021

To get you ready for the launch of the first PK Learning Lunch, a free “Discovering Pecha Kucha” workshop is being organised online to teach you how to give a presentation using the Pecha Kucha method. It’s essential before taking part in the PK Learning Lunches! 

▪    April 12, 2021 at 6pm – “Discovering Pecha Kucha” workshop (will be held in French)

The first PK Learning Lunches will take place on:

▪    May 5, 2021 at 12pm- PK Learning Lunch (Kick Off)

▪    June 7, 2021 at 12pm- PK Learning Lunch #2

Elizabeth TOUCAS – Executive Strengths Coach & Career Manager – IÉSEG Network

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