[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Belle Graine - Life always finds its way

It all began with the seed of an idea that that took root in the imagination of Benjamin Vincent (Executive MBA 2018) for an original new baby gift that appeals to babies, mums, and Mother Nature. The gift idea is a metal box for keepsakes containing a babygrow and bib made from organic cotton, along with a notebook made of recycled cardboard and paper, inscribed with the baby's name, so parents can keep a record of their baby’s first moments. And as a little extra, it’s all wrapped up in paper impregnated with seeds which once planted and watered will grow into beautiful wild flowers.

The vision behind the gift box
Belle Graine is first and foremost a concept that is ecological, responsible, and unique. Without thinking it’s going to change the world, the brand is contributing to a better future with products that respect both mankind and the planet. All the materials used for the products are recycled or recyclable and are designed to stand the test of time and be reused. The company also works with its suppliers to try to change certain working methods like changing the way things are packaged (reducing plastic packaging) and changing delivery methods. Some of the products are transported by train to France, for example.

The future of Belle Graine 
Like a beautiful plant, Belle Graine is continuing to flourish. In the coming weeks, the brand will be offering new ranges, to delight even more customers. The concept remains the same, there will be a box for expectant mothers to prepare for the arrival of their baby containing a magnificent personalised bag of beauty products in eco-sourced organic cotton made by an NGO. They are also producing a box for big brothers and sisters, this time including a pencil case, again in eco-sourced organic cotton. The back of the box has a model to build and colour. If any or all of these items have sparked your interest then stay tuned: they will be going on sale soon.



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