[ENTREPRENEUR] My Move - The Private Hire and Taxi comparison app for young people

Have you ever paid €40 for an Uber and then realised the same journey would have cost €20 on Heetch? That’s what My Move is there for. A Private Hire comparison app that saves you up to four times more money and takes half the time of going through a traditional platform.

Where did the idea for My Move come from?

The idea came after a complicated journey home from a night out: it was raining, the Paris Metro was closed, the night transport was taking forever and the price of an Uber was going up and up with a smartphone running out of power… With no time to waste, Adrien had no choice, he had to pay full price for the first available private hire vehicle.
Marine and Adrien teamed up to create the My Move app. It’s a mobile solution that compares the services of Uber, Kapten, Bolt, Heetch, LeCab, etc. on a single app. Their aim was to address the information asymmetry and lack of visibility in the private hire market.
Nine months after the app was released in the iOs and Android stores, its success speaks for itself and it already has more than 30,000 users. Using My Move systematically saves clicks, time and money, and an average of €7 per trip (the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest fare for the same route).

Who are the founders Adrien and Marine?

Adrien had just graduated from Kedge Business School with a Master's degree in Corporate & Sustainable Finance when he came up with the idea for My Move. As a regular private hire passenger in Paris, he was tired of paying for expensive journeys home after an evening out with friends ...
Highly motivated, Adrien was fired up to establish himself as a key player in the world of private hire and find his niche among the multinationals that saturate the market. With a background in large banking institutions, he decided to go beyond a simple project and launch his own structure. He got together a team and My Move was born.
Adrien takes care of My Move’s B2C development. He is chiefly responsible for the product, partnerships with schools and student associations, customer support, Growth Hacking and user acquisition.

Marine totally believed in the potential of My Move. An equally dynamic and outgoing individual, she was always looking for ways to save money ...
At the end of her IÉSEG studies with a Masters in Information Systems Management, and with her experience in business development and data and performance analysis in the luxury market, she joined the project with the task of limiting information asymmetry, redistributing the market share of private hire operators and giving them visibility.
Marine takes care of the B2B part of the business. She manages agreements and partnerships with private hire companies and taxis, implements the long-term strategy of My Move, and looks for grants and fundraising to fund the growth of My Move.

What have been the key stages of the project so far?

In May 2019, they turned to Thibaut Henry, who set up the Junior Entreprise scheme at ISEP - the electronics, telecommunications and computer science school - to help them get the app off the ground. By July, the Beta version was up and running: more than 2,000 users signed up in the hope of receiving a preview of the finished version of the app.
In September 2019, the application was live and available on the Apple Store and Play Store in France.
My Move gained its first traction with the widespread French transport strikes of December 2019 and January 2020. The number of downloads increased fourfold, reaching 20,000 users by the end of this period.

The team and the project have been developing at Station F in Paris since January 2020. Development is now handled by Imagine-App, a development consulting firm. A new version of the app is due to be released, including new features such as an integrated payment solution, more private hire services, a user menu, and gamification of the savings made...

Do you want to save money on private hire journeys? It’s up to you!

Find us on My Move (available on iOs/Android), and send us love by contacting us directly through the app!


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