[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Edouard Kuhn - The only advisor you need for your real estate project

When I was buying my first apartment, while living overseas, I realised how difficult it was to navigate the Parisian property market. Searching was time-consuming and all those involved in the process communicated poorly and had different priorities. All these factors were exacerbated still further by not being on the spot and being short of time.
So I came up with a simple idea: find someone you trust, who understands your needs and who will represent you in your search for an apartment, with the expertise you need and a great network.

I help my clients from the beginning to the end of the process with their hunt for a property, from deciding what they are looking for to signing the contract with the notary. They can then focus on what’s important and save time:
➔    Clarifying their needs
➔    Only looking at suitable properties
➔    Tracking and signing the contract for the place of their dreams (remotely if necessary)

My clients get the benefit from my expertise and my network to undertake a tailor-made search:

➔    Prospecting the whole market, including previews and things which are not yet on the open market
➔    Selecting property details
➔    Deciding how much to offer
➔    Administrative follow-up
➔    Made-to-measure solutions through a network of professionals (mortgage brokers, tax lawyers, notaries, architects, rental agencies, chartered accountants)

The service is particularly suited to expats who want to invest so they can:
➔    Manage their investment remotely
➔    Have a single contact to manage the entire project
➔    Optimise their profitability based on my experience (defining the rental strategy, monitoring building/decorating works, renting out the property and managing the rental).

Drawing on my ten years of experience in international auditing and financial management in Paris, I offer clients a professional service, supporting them with a trusted strategy: in-depth analysis of their needs, project management as well as developing a specialised network to offer made-to-measure solutions.

Finally, my clients can count on my expert knowledge of the Paris market, acquired in start-ups and estate agencies, and above all my love of this city.

If you have a real estate project, share it on www.edkn.fr or directly at edouard@edkn.fr.

Edouard Kuhn (Grande École 2008)

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