[ENTREPRENEUR] Edusign spells the end of paper registration

Edusign, launched by Dylan Teixeira and Elliot Boucher, came into being in between two lessons and the work placements of the entrepreneurs who are students on the Digital Marketing and Innovation Master. Later, Grégoire Chantegrel, an entrepreneur, joint them to become the third member of the founding team.

Their idea was to simplify a process that is tedious for everyone involved (trainees, practitioners, training organisation administrators and funding organisations),. In order to do that, they worked together with several potential users who are now Edusign customers. Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of Edusign and this is how the project follows a logic of continuous improvement and a gives a great user experience and UX First.
Edusign has taken off as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, proving to be much more than a project dreamed up in a break between two lessons. It provides an innovative QR code scan solution for registering for lessons. However, changes were still needed to meet the requirements of distance learning. Launched in mid-March, the new remote signature system was an immediate success with training organisations.

The startup aims to become the front-runner in online registration and is always looking for new ways to gain momentum and break new ground. In addition, the team is looking to expand to meet demand as well as to create strategic partnerships with those already operating in the market, to aim bigger. As well as being a product that responds in a simple way to a specific need, Edusign also offers a useful service for everyone. “Signed for” invoicing, with no commitment or administrative fees allows Edusign to address both individual trainers and the major business schools.

In practical terms, Edusign has five different signature modes to meet all the requirements of training organisations. Whether the training lasts a few days or is spread over much longer periods, Edusign can put in place whatever is required and get it up and running quickly for its customers.

To build further on the zero paper concept, Edusign is committed to planting trees to the equivalent of the paper its saves. At the end of April 2020, it had saved 40,000 sheets of paper from being printed by the training organisation.

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