During the confinement, it seems that nature has sprung back to life, putting on an incredibly beautiful show silence that is almost deafening… 

Spring is already very much underway with buds and leaves bursting forth.

It’s at extraordinary times like these that we understand the importance of being able to reconnect with the natural world we love…

We invite you to look at nature with a new eye and be inspired by its mysteries, to learn all the lessons you need to get yourself back on track after this period of confinement.

If you need to manage your anxiety, be patient, accept what is or facing whatever other situation, let nature be your guide…


Earth is a powerful symbol that harbours life. It is nourishing in the sense that it contains all the nutrients necessary for the growth of its different kingdoms.
Our body, too, is full of life. It can find its anchor and its stability by connecting to the earth and to nature…


When you plant a seed in a pot, you have complete confidence that it will grow, don't you? Or do you try to dig it up every day to check if it’s growing? No, admit it, you trust it will grow even if, at first, that growth is invisible because it’s taking place underground ... But if you let your fears and your desire for control guide you, this confidence in the future is sometimes missing, isn’t it?
Once planted, the tiny seed begins a long journey ... It endures changes in temperature, an excess of water or drought etc. But it perseveres and draws on its own strength to continue growing despite adversity.
Like the seed, you have all the resources you need within yourself to achieve your goals and dreams ... You just have to dare, trust yourself and give yourself the time you need ...


Just as we discussed in last month’s newsletter, each season becomes an opportunity to 'accept what is’. For example, a green leaf doesn't try to resist turning red in autumn. The tree doesn’t try to resist letting its leaves fall when winter arrives. One chapter closes so that a new one can open... Whatever happens, the tree remains confidently anchored because it knows that it will shine again in spring with its new buds and later with its beautiful foliage.

So how about you? What are you ready to get rid of that is surplus to requirements and which might even be weighing you down for your next journey?


There are all kinds of different flowers, different in shape, expression, beauty and fragrance …

As they grow, they open up and offer themselves to us without resistance and without discrimination. They are also an expression of love.
So, like flowers, share your Love and Friendship around as much as possible without holding back. The more you share, the more you will receive!


Without sun and rain there can be no garden in all its beauty. Rain is as essential as light. The translucent, beneficial water purifies and aids growth ...
Water is an invitation to banish thoughts and situations that are no longer right for you. It’s a way of purifying yourself.
With its ebb and flow, water also invites us to go with the flow of life without resisting and to live more serenely. Put your trust in life, which will guide you to the areas where you can fully express your full potential.
Along the way, you will navigate, calm lakes and rivers, face troubled waters, storms, torrents and rough seas ... This diversity shows the possibilities are endless…
How will you experience this journey? What will you look for in it? Might periods of calm and obstacles be a source of learning? Navigate, navigate and stay the course!


Everything around us cannot necessarily be seen or heard ... Use your other senses, feel things as you feel the caress of the wind. Also trust your intuition, it probably has a lot to tell you even though it is not tangible.


Birds represent freedom… Frail and fragile, they fly towards their destiny.
So why not do the same? Why not spread your wings to achieve your dreams?
Picture the young fledgling trying to fly for the very first time. It may not move its wings in the right way, but without taking the risk to make this first flight, it might never fly at all ...


Let’s not forget that the butterfly is the symbol of transformation.
Life is a succession of cycles ... change is permanent whether inside or out.
Each phase of life, however difficult it may be, contains treasures that will shape your personality and thus contribute to your personal growth…
Take a step to the side, look behind you, what changes have you made in your life that have helped you grow? What is the next change that you’re going to initiate?


The vastness it represents, without any visible limits, gives us a feeling of being connected to something greater than ourselves ... It can symbolise spirituality… or not…
Apart from anything, the sky tells us that everything is transient ... after all behind the clouds, the sky is still blue, isn't it?


The clouds are like our mind… beautiful, but at the same time threatening. They come and go, changing the appearance of the sky…
They carry you away… like your thoughts… Welcome them without judgment… These thoughts are there for a reason. Only keep hold of those that contribute towards your development ... the others, like clouds, will pass.

The sun

During the confinement, you have been maybe very aware of the sun shining constantly outside your window ... Did it cheer you up?
Sometimes, we are so preoccupied by daily worries and functioning ‘on autopilot’ that we don’t see the sun bestowing its rays of light and its energy ... Take some time for yourself from time to time to appreciate the present moment, recharge with its energy and by the way improve your emotional health.

The stars

Those who have had the benefit of CliftonStrengths 34 coaching with me, will know that it’s you who is the star ... with your five strengths!!! In all your individuality and uniqueness.
Allow yourself to shine your own inner light! The more you do it, the more you will accept yourself as you are and the happier you will be ... Your brilliance will be contagious and will inspire people around you to follow in your footsteps towards their self-fulfilment.

What are you waiting for to lead the way? 

Nature will thank you for it ...

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