[NEWSLETTER] June 2019 - Casilda De Guerre (IÉSEG 2015), Join an Avarap Circle...

Jun 05, 2019


June 2019

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All IÉSEG graduates share an undeniable interest for foreign countries and intercontinental careers. Around the world, several clubs are organizing friendly events in the near future, giving you a chance to meet up with IÉSEG students and graduates. A golden opportunity to share tips and remember the good old days at IÉSEG. Join us in Lyon, Milan, Singapore or Amsterdam. And if there's no club in your city, contact Irène Burietz to see what can be arranged!

Come and meet IÉSEG students

You may have recently participated in the oral exams to select the students who will join IÉSEG next year... Now, it's high time to help them build their professional project! How? Well, simply by talking about your path! Alumni experience sharing is a precious opportunity for our students. It helps them to better understand the professional world and it gives them a chance to build a professional project they can really call their own, a project capturing the very essence of who they are. Throughout the school year, graduates visit both Lille and Paris IÉSEG campuses to meet students. Why not you?

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[PORTRAIT] Casilda de Guerre (IÉSEG 2015) - A meaningful project born of an exchange

Graduated in 2015, Casilda joined Effilab's team, a web agency specializing in paid media (SEA / SMO). Account manager for 2 years, she seized the opportunity to become team leader, a year and half ago. Happy in her work, she still chose to take up a challenge which matters to her since her 3rd year at IÉSEG. With her husband, they decided to take a sabbatical to launch the association Infinite Resources. Their goal: explore circular economy initiatives in South America to prove that economics and ecology are compatible in providing solutions.

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[IÉSEG] "Université d’Été 2019" – Inspire !

Because inspiration implying imagination, creativity and change, IÉSEG has chosen "Inspire" as the theme of its 4th Summer University. The program includes: an opening plenary, 12 round tables led by an IÉSEG professor and experts from the business world on various topics such as data, management, finance, interculturality, strategy…, a panoramic lunch on the roof of the Grande Arche and a closing plenary. See you on June 20 for a day full of knowledge and experience sharing, networking and conviviality!
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Last spots available, register now!


You're a resident of the Hauts-de-France region, currently in office or looking for a job... You're no longer passionate about your profession... You wish to focus on a new challenge... Join an Avarap circle!
A proven method with 30 years of career transition experience, helping over 12,000 executives. A non-political and non-religious process, sponsored by volunteers and recommended by Grandes Écoles alumni associations (ENSAM, ESCP Europe, Sciences Po, HEC...).

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[FOCUS ENTREPRENEUR] Semandtik - Supporting underprivileged Indonesian artisans through entrepreneurship

Guillaume Pigeon is a 2nd year student. He created his fair-trade brand while on student exchange in Jakarta, Indonesia. Semandtik is therefore a French-Indonesian social-impact start-up selling Indonesian batik accessories and linens made in East Java by local artisans. Find out how this initiative aims to support underprivileged Indonesian craftspeople and preserve this endangered art.

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[REGIONAL CLUB] Tour of the peninsula @ Lyon




[NETWORKING] Beer tasting event @ Lille




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Milan




[NETWORKING] Unusual afterwork "Ice Kube - The unique ice bar" @ Paris




[CAREER] How to be ready for your Job-out? @ Paris




[INTERNATIONAL CLUB] Afterwork @ Amsterdam


MARIUS January 23, 2019 - Margaux LALOUÉ (IÉSEG 2013) & Nicolas ZANGARI

AUGUSTE February 27, 2019 - Adrien CHERPITEL (IÉSEG 2016) & his wife

LÉA April 29, 2019 - Caroline CALAIS (IÉSEG 2003) & Pierre GUILLEMIN

MAXIME May 31, 2019 - Emilie CHAMBAUD (IÉSEG 2008) & Vincent CUVILLIER (IÉSEG 2007)


Caroline LAROCHE-JOUBERT (IÉSEG 2013) et François CARQUILLAT - April 27, 2019

Fanny DEVILAINE (IÉSEG 2012) & Adrien MARTIN (IÉSEG 2011) - June 15, 2019

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